Launch X431 V+ & HD3 Heavy Duty Module Firmware Update: Powerful and Humane

Launch X431 V+ with one add-on HDIII Heavy Duty Module is a very cool truck diagnostic tool. Simple tablet appearance, high-tech HDIII module, high-definition touchscreen (1920*1200), faster running speed (Lenovo Tablet TB-X605FC, Android 9,RAM 2G  Storage 32GB CPU Snapdragon 450 Display). It is more than a professional diagnostic tool, it owns more than 15 special functions. It can work with newest 2020 heavy duty trucks. Moreover, its vehicle software language is multilingual: English, German, French, Italy.


X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 01

Image 1: Launch X431 V+ supports heavy duty Hino from 1996 -2020 year.

Image source: (Launch official site)


Launch X431 V+ has a wide vehicle brand coverage: truck, bus, machinery, Engine, New Energy

  1. Workable Truck List

HD_Demo, Astra, Mercedes Benz, Credo, DAF, DFL, ERF, FAW, Ford, Foton, Freightliner, Bremach, Fuso, Ashok leyland, Hino, Hyundai, International, Iris Bus, Isuzu, Iveco, JAC, JMC, Kenworth, Mack, Man, OBD, Renault, Scania, Sinotruck, Sterling, Tata, UD, Volvo, Western STAR.

X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 02 X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 03


  1. Workable Bus List

Higer, Hino, Hyundai, Irizar, Isuzu, Man, Neoplan, OBD, Renault, Setra, Sitcar, Sunlong, Sunwin, Volvo, Zhongtong.

X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 04


  1. Workable Machinery

HD_Demo, Mercedes Benz, Caterpillar, Hino, Isuzu, OBD, Volvo.

X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 05


  1. Engine coverage

HD_Demo, Caterpillar, Chaochai, Cummins, Dachai , Detroit, OBD, Quanchai, Shangchai, WP, Xichai, Yangchai, Yuchai.

X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 06


  1. New Energy coverage:

HD_Demo, Chaochai, Cummins, OBD

ECU: ABS, Allison, Bosch, SCR, OBD


Program: Allison, Chaochai,Detroit, Yangchai etc.

X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 07


Launch X431 V+ optimize a new function “Camera scan VIN”:

Tap “VIN scan” and you will see “Camera Scan”. It equals to a Camera, with it you won’t manually input the VIN and it will be 100% correct.

X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 08 X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 09 X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 10


Launch X431 V+ owns powerful functions:

Let’s go forward to selecting a vehicle (like Cummins), then “System Automatic”, it can do: read vehicle information, read DTC, clear fault memory, read data stream, read freeze frame, actuation test, feature and parameter, advanced ECM data.

For more other vehicle’s function list, please go to the above official sit to search.

X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 11

After entering ” read DTC” and have the results shown as below:

It will not only list DTC codes, but also comes with description and status. That’s very convenient without searching in the Google.

X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 12 X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 13


The next one option is “Feedback “. In the process of testing, if you can’t test or encounter other problems, you are allowed to submit the logs in testing to the Launch server.  Then the engineers will analyze and find out the problem to help you solve it.

X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 14


6 Steps to register Launch X431 V+:

To protect your machine and data safety, also enjoy the free update, you are required to register a member for the first time.


  1. Select “Login”.

X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 15


  1. Select “New registration”.

X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 16


  1. Enter the user name & password, enter the password again. Enter the usual email address. Select the country. Enter the CAPTCHA verification code. Click “Register”.

X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 17


  1. Open the envelope in the product, enter the SN number inside, and activate the password–click ACTIVATE

X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 18


  1. Congratulations! you’ve registered successfully, you are ready to use the machine.

X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 19


  1. Software update.

As you can see, I selected all available newest truck software to update, just wait until it succeed.

X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 20 X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 21


In addition, after entering “User Info”, there are ” Activate VCI” and “Firmware Fix”, just click on them and follow the screen to do.

X431 V Plus Hdii Cool 22


Alright, if you are interested in launch X431 V+ HD3 Heavy Duty Module, or have any technical issues, welcome to visit