Xhorse key tool Max vs. Mini Key Tool vs. Keydiy KD-X2 vs. Lonsdor KH100+

Hey, guys, wondering which car key remote and chip Generator to own? Instance, Xhorse key tool Max, Mini Key Tool, Keydiy KD-X2, Lonsdor KH100+ etc, what are their pros and cons, any actual test reports? Reading the following paragraphs.


Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool and Super chip reviews:

  1. I have Mini VVDI Key Tool and the “Superchips”. These superchips are wonderful, you can configure them as a lot of chips, you can erase them and reuse them for many many times. They are perfect for tests, for expensive or hard to find chips or if you need to do the job exactly in the moment when you don’t have the exact type of chip in stock. But you can use regular chips tool with Mini VVDI Key Tool.



Mini VVDI Key Tool -Audi A3 ID48 cloning – customer said starting issues. Not confirmed me.
Normally just code em in


  1. Vvdi mini is better. You have a unic solution with superchip xt27 from xhorse.

    Can use it for all type transponder

    I use on toyota h, id48 96bits, Id46, 4c, 4d….

    Its best.

    Cloning h, id48…

    Renew remote, prépare remote, clone remote, test coil, test freq from remote…

    And all for 130usd!!!

Key Generator Comparison 01


Xhorse Key tool Max: Another key tool from XHorse, if you want to buy something better than the mini, this is your choice.
I hate when I am forced to buy something, even then when it is a good tool. X-Horse did this with removing the normal Key Tool from the market, now you can make your choice between the mini and this if you want to have updates. This thing is a weird-housed Android tool with good functions, for example decoding keys from photo. This device makes the smartphone unnecessary for the use of X-Horse devices, it can do the key tool functions, can make the key cutters work and so on. The smart key side is strong enough @ X-Horse, but if you need the normal remotes, then the X-2 is much more better choice: the Keydiy usual remotes are easier to get as the X-Horse ones.
This device has an OBDII expander, the ‘Mini OBD’, what can read out special infos (pin codes) trough OBD, and help to program keys.

You can find more infos about this device here

Its price is a bit less, than $500 with the Mini OBD from the official webshop.

Key Generator Comparison 02


Keydiy KD-X2 Reviews:

The next generation of the old KD900, another must have.
There’s a big question when you have to choose between the Key Tool Max and the X2. Both toys have their stronger and weaker sides, but I think they are cheap enough to have both of ’em. You need a smart phone or tablet to be able to use all the abilities of the tool, but that can’t be a big problem nowadays. As a stand-alone it is almost a bad joke, but your pov will change in that moment when you start the app. Chip cloning, remote making/cloning, factory remote renewal – these are the main functions of the toy.

all the infos what you could need for the usage, and a bit more…


The price is not too high, you can get it from $160 in a starter package with 3 remotes, and from $15 you can get the sniffer.

Key Generator Comparison 03


– only pcf7941 OK
– chip with 7107510 FAIL “chip error”
engineer please update!

Mini cooper
3456367-02 868mhz OK

smartkey 868mhz, chip pcf7945ac1500, written firmware V6 unlock OK, but makes strange behaviour of key, itself sending signal every few seconds.
written firmware for 4g0959754K then all OK

Key Generator Comparison 04


Mitsubishi outlander/asx pcf7952
– original pcb 315mhz OK
– Last update has changed something because today I could unlock china pcb mitsubishi outlander pcf7952 433mhz & 315mhz version


Nissan 5-button Hitag AES
144308 FAIL
144310 FAIL

Key Generator Comparison 05 Key Generator Comparison 06


fiat croma ok
alfa 159 ok
did not test keys on car (Open every key and look otherwise dont buy because this tool cannot unlock 7107510. Or buy Barracuda.)


Land Rover Freelander 2 OK.


Volvo 6button 868MHz success


Range Rover Sport / Discovery3 successful


Fiat Panda 169.Remote renew works 100%

To be continued…


Lonsdor KH100 Reviews:

Key Generator Comparison 07

Lonsdor KH100 Pros:

1). Can identify many chips, and can identify the part number.

  1. Can copy lots of chips from different factories, such as: Handy Baby JMD Red Chips, JMD King Chip, CN2,CN3, LKP etc. except the VVDI super chip.


3). Chip simulation.

4). Copy IC / ID card.

5). Identify and copy the chip, like Toyota H chip.

6). Generate chip for 4D, 46, 48, T5, 7935, 8A, 4C etc.

7). Rewrite Chip data, like 4D-46

8). Detect remote frequency including 902/903 frequency which wins many similar tools.

9). Generate the remote key (Generate special remote key, remote /smart, only support the remote key from Lonsdor.)

10). Support accurate data acquisition of 1m away.

11). 8A(H chip) generation.

– Lonsdor kh100…Yes

– VVDI mini Key tool yes (with Super Chip)…Yes

12). Comes with operation instruction.

13). Built-in super sensor to collect data(over-range data collection)

14). Built-in WIFI module, can connect to network at any time.

15) Special Function (detect infrared signal, unlock Toyota smart key, etc.)


Lonsdor KH100+ Plus Pros:

Key Generator Comparison 08

KH100+ Plus Handheld device is the latest upgraded version from old KH100, it embraces all the functions that KH100 had, besides, it is far superior in below ways:
●4-pack remotes & smart key involved

  • Handy chip holder integrated
  • 902MHZ supported
  • Longer distance data collection
  • More accuracy frequency detection
  • More user friendly
  • Faster running
  • Larger memory
  • Optimized power system(faster charge &heat protection)
  • Upgraded packaging


Alright! Any questions, feel free contact at: www.obdexpress.co.uk