China Ktag read Mitsubishi Colt 1.5turbo ECU data: confirmed

ECU type: Mitsubishi colt 1.5turbo, 2006 year, 110kw/150hp,manual


Purpose: to read the data, because k line and VPP pin are rusted and broken.


Question: Got car working, but can’t read with ktag

– I restored the oxidated pins, put new.  Car drives and runs, all good. Used ksuite 2.23 with ktag. Did the same exact connection as ksuite tells me. 2 red wires, and 1 orange, 1 black, 1 for k-line and one for VPP. Tested both families. 355 and 255 if i remember correctly. I press read…ktag does its work…like maybe 20-30 sec go by and ktag tells me no communication with ECU, please check conmections and send log. Tested ECUflash with tactrix…does read VIN and ID but doesnt read maps or anything else. Out of ideas what tool to test or how to read/write it.
Has MH8105f micro…but ksuite doesnt have this one..


In fact:

I’ve read several of those ecus, even with corrupted flash it read just fine on my China ktag.