Ktag 7.020 Ksuite 2.23 Tested 100% OK: R/W ECUs of car,truck,moto,tractor,boat

This is the Ktag firmware 7.020 test report. Here you go. Ktag firmware 7.020, how to use for car, truck, moto, tractor, boat ECU reading/writing…


Ktag firmware 7.020 how much do you know?


1- More languages available

KTAG fw 7.003: English, Italian, Portuguese

KTAG fw 7.020: English, Italian, Portuguese, French, Deutsch, Spanish


2- More ECUs and cars can be tested with

KTAG fw 7.020 adds 100+ ECU types and supports new car models e.g. Toyota 76FXXX, PSA 17.4.4, Ford E83, VW 17.5.5 (1766), Mercedes-Benz 276 ECU, Toyota 76F, etc.


3- Better wiring description

Ktag master V7.020 displays diagrams in words, not pictures


4- Runs faster and more stable


The important note- there are two versions of Ktag firmware 7.020 with different PCB design:

Version 1: Ktag firmware 7.020 with item no.SE135

se135-ktag-ktm100-7.020-pcb-1 se135-ktag-ktm100-7.020-pcb-2

(HOT) Version 2: Ktag firmware 7.020 with item no.SE135-B

se135-b-ktag-firmware-7.020-pcb-1 se135-b-ktag-firmware-7.020-pcb-2


Ktag firmware 7.020 not only differs from PCB design but also ktag software installation.





Ktag firmware 7.020 reads/writes a car ECU:


install-v2.23-ktag-fw-7.020-13 install-v2.23-ktag-fw-7.020-14 install-v2.23-ktag-fw-7.020-15 install-v2.23-ktag-fw-7.020-16 install-v2.23-ktag-fw-7.020-17 install-v2.23-ktag-fw-7.020-18 install-v2.23-ktag-fw-7.020-19

V2.23 ktag fw 7.020 diagnoses a motorcycle


install-v2.23-ktag-fw-7.020-20 install-v2.23-ktag-fw-7.020-21

ktag fw 7.020 works no issues on a truck ECU R/W


install-v2.23-ktag-fw-7.020-22 install-v2.23-ktag-fw-7.020-24

K-tag firmware v7.020 works ok on a tractor


install-v2.23-ktag-fw-7.020-24 install-v2.23-ktag-fw-7.020-25

Ktag 7.020 ksuite 2.23 diagnoses on a boat


install-v2.23-ktag-fw-7.020-26 install-v2.23-ktag-fw-7.020-27


Ktag firmware 7.020 review: