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How to update Condor XC-Mini v4.0.1 online

June 30, 2017 sales 0

(06/30/2017) Xhorse Condor xc-mini master series automatic key cutting machine v4.0.1 updated! Here, free download Condor XC-Mini 4.0.1 software, and then update your Condor key cutting machine to the newest version!   Here you go.   Connect iKeycutter Condor XC-MINIto the PC with a US Continue Reading →

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Opel mileage correction, how to do?

June 29, 2017 sales 0

Share a personal experience about how to use Opcom firmware v1.45 to change km via OBD for Opel cars. It’s done by Carl Barte I just posted what Carl Barter did with his Opcom. But i think it’s better to not try to modify km with op com because i try in a Agila and dash sho Continue Reading →

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PCR2.1 full flash (read/write) solutions

June 28, 2017 sales 0

PCR2.1 full flash, which tool is the best? Here are some solutions tested successfully. Some use ktag/kess, some use other ecu programmers.   Vvdi prog reading full flash PCR2.1. Like on X17 or Smok. l use ktag and transdata and works fine , just make sure you only unlock once ie dont play Continue Reading →

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June 27, 2017 sales 0

This is 2017 UCANDAS VDM 2 WIFI diagnostic system vs. UCANDAS VDM. UCANDAS VDMprice: €199.00   UCANDAS VDM2 price: €104.99 UCAN Continue Reading →

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OBDSTAR ET-108 USB Inspection Camera

June 24, 2017 sales 0

New arrive OBDSTAR ET-108 ET108 USB Inspection Camera, for sale €45.99 free shipping. OBDSTAR ET-108 adopts flexible waterproof tube with HD camera to check the inner car situation which can’t reached by human eyes, playing an important role in engine clean and maintenance. Using an ET-108 dev Continue Reading →

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Opcom manual: How to read/clear fault codes

June 21, 2017 sales 0

This write-up, as a op com diagnostic user manual, is aimed to help read/clear fault codes or check engine codes.     Be sure to obtain your 4 digit security code from your car documents   Connect the OPCOM device to the car -Port is located near driver side pedals -Device must be Continue Reading →