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Ktag firmware 7.020 read Toyota 76FXXX ECU

June 17, 2017 sales 0

K-tag firmware 7.020 Ksuite 2.23 car list adds NBD 76F00XX Toyota ECU support. This is v2.23 ktag fw 7.020 reading Toyota 76F00XX   ktag v7.020 price: €349–€389   Ktag fw 7.020 car list:   Ktag 7.020 g Continue Reading →


Obdstar X300M odometer correction manual

June 13, 2017 sales 0

This is the newest  OBDSTAR X300M manual, incl. obdstar x300m ebay, obdstar x300m update, x300m obdstar car list, obdstar x300m reviews… Here you go. What is obdstar x300m? obdstar x300m is a professional odometer correction tool designed for vehicles to change mileage via OBDII. The main Continue Reading →


Xprog m Reads BMW CAS2 mc9s12dg256c

June 12, 2017 sales 0

This is how to use Xprog programmer to read BMW CAS2 mc9s12dg256c.   BMW CAS2 mc9s12dg256c Reads good with Xprog m.   Xprog 5.55 is ok but new Xprog 5.70 better i think. Step 1: Xrpog > Device > MCU/MPU > Freescale HC(s)2-secured > MC9S12-EEPROM-secured (at very bottom) S Continue Reading →

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BMW INPA vs Rheingold

June 8, 2017 sales 0

Topic 1: BMW INPA and Rheingold, which one should need?   All Rheingold versions have native support for Ediabas 7.x, this option just needs to be activated from istagui config file. I can check the parameter later. This means that K+DCAN can be used directly with Rheingold, as long as the Ediab Continue Reading →