Ktag KTM100 v7.003 / v7.020 change/add a language manually

This is how to change or add a language manually to KTAG KTM100 firmware v7.003 / v7.020.


Part 1: To covert the KTM100 language:


Go to INI settings file and change manually to English!
see whats the default language that’s written in file, delete and write English


  • ini = english


Or go to Options in KTM100 interface

Select the language you want to convert


Ktag KTM100 firmware 7.003 languages: English Italian Portuguese



Part 2: To add a new language to KTAG KTM100


Anyone can add a new language to KTM100 interface if you have the language pack. But try on your own risk!


If you need K-TAG KTM100 available in more language: Italian Deutsch English French Portuguese Spanish, you can go to KTAG firmware 7.020: http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/wholesale/v7.020-ktag-ecu-programming-tool.html


The factory has improved and added new language packs.

So, Ktag 7.020 has more languages can be chosen compared with Ktag firmware 7.003.