How to setup Ktag software screen resolution

March 27, 2018 sales 0

Ktag Ksuite screen resolution setup manual:   Click on the Options button in the main window of the K-Suite software. 2. In the Size of the vehicle selection windows pane, select the window size that best suits your computer screen.   When possible, we recommend using 1024×768 r Continue Reading →


PCR2.1 Full Flash with Ktag and SSM cable

January 11, 2018 sales 0

PCR2.1 full flash VERY IMPORTANT!! In recent update,Kess V2 now can write PCR2.1 with VR-file without needing patch first with KTag. And KTag now also has the ability to extract the password and then do full read and write thru bootmode. Such a read can then be used by Alientech in their database Continue Reading →


Free Download Ksuite 2.08 & Reset Ktag + Kess V2

November 28, 2017 sales 0

I post how to reset Ktag and Kess v2 ecu tuning tool 1.Download version ksuite 2.08 here 2.Buy new sd card 1gb-2gb and format in fat32 ussing this program 3.For kess use this cfg and 4 file Copy on sd card 4 file and in ksuite 2.08 open folder update and copy update folder Connect kess and wait f Continue Reading →

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PCR2.1 full flash (read/write) solutions

June 28, 2017 sales 0

PCR2.1 full flash, which tool is the best? Here are some solutions tested successfully. Some use ktag/kess, some use other ecu programmers.   Vvdi prog reading full flash PCR2.1. Like on X17 or Smok. l use ktag and transdata and works fine , just make sure you only unlock once ie dont play Continue Reading →

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Ktag firmware 7.020 read Toyota 76FXXX ECU

June 17, 2017 sales 0

K-tag firmware 7.020 Ksuite 2.23 car list adds NBD 76F00XX Toyota ECU support. This is v2.23 ktag fw 7.020 reading Toyota 76F00XX   ktag v7.020 price: €349–€389   Ktag fw 7.020 car list: http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/upload/pro/ktm100-ktag-vehicle-list.pdf   Ktag 7.020 g Continue Reading →