KTAG EDC17CP45 Tricore “Error While Reading” Solution

ECU model: a BMW X6 E71 40d


ECU programmer used: Kess v2 Clone


Error: trying to read using P221 protocol (first did OBD II Unlock), I got Communication line not present or interrupted. If I selected CP02 or any other Tricore I would get whether Micro WakeUp error or Micro Unprotection Failed.


What to do next?

I thought it would be Kess issue. Then, I bought K-Tag 7.020.


What about the result?

Tried both 667 with GPT direct connection to pins 19 and 22, and without and P221 no GPT. Gotta say, if I select P667, the HW gets faked and it is wrong, on P221 it matches with OBD II Data from Kess. Also, KTAG says to read ECU ID through OBD first, but I got no adaptor KTAG-OBD, then I did OBD II Data again with Kess v2. Repeated process and still no luck. Also reinstalled K-Suite v2.23 and no luck…

On both P221 and P667 I can read EEPROM, I get the file, but not Micro, where it will do:

Identifying ECU …
Reading device info …
Reading backup …
Reading Micro …
SECTOR: 0x00000000
Error in reading


Ktag Edc17cp45 Tricore 01 Ktag Edc17cp45 Tricore 02


Working solution by @ Bmw777:

I think is protected file, need ista-P for flash ori file.


Working solution by @ kuki88:

I had exactly the same problem muj k_tag red 7.26 was not able to read this ecu I solved it behind the kess pump on the table via boot pin and the OBD DATA function for unlocking this ecu
read and write data with kess success.


You do know that the edc17cp45 boot mode requires drilling the back of the ecu to be able to unlock and use ktag. There’s a special drilling tool for this ecu. If you try to seperate pcb from backplate you will kill ecu, if not straight away maybe last a month before it dies. Its a difficult ecu to do on the bench with kess/ktag.

Edc17cp45 Boot


Good luck!