ETKA 7.5 Windows 7 64 bit how to install

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How to install ETKA 7.5 Windows 7 64 bit:

  1. Execute the following commands from the command prompt with full administrative rights:


bcdedit.exe /set nointegritychecks ON

bcdedit.exe /set TESTSIGNING ON


Each command should receive a successful execution confirmation.


  1. Reboot the computer. Now you should see a “Test Mode” watermark in the lower right corner of the screen.


  1. Edit the registry by running “0000750A.reg” from the “MULTIKEY64” folder.


  1. Run “INSTALL.CMD” from the “MULTIKEY64” folder. Lack of error messages would indicate successefull driver installation.


  1. Run “hardlock.EXE” from the “Hardlock” folder.


  1. Reboot the computer.



Should you have any problems deleting the earlier instance of the multikey driver:


  1. Run “REMOVE.CMD” from the “MULTIKEY64” folder. Lack of error messages would indicate successefull driver deletion.


  1. Run the “infclean64.exe” utility from the “infclean05” folder for the final clean-up.



You can turn off the test mode but in this case you will need to disable Driver Signature Enforcement.


You can get rid of the “Test Mode” watermark by running “RemoveWatermark 7 X64.exe”.



Should you run into a problem in step 4 you can implement the advice provided by  andy040670:


  1. Start the Device Manager => right click the root directory => pick “Add

legacy hardware” => “Next” => “Install the hardware that I manually select from

a list (Advanced)” => “Next” (don’t pick anything) => “Have Disk…” => point to

the MULTIKEY64 folder => OK => agree to install the non-signed driver.
This are old an instruction but still work well. Credit to original author