Launch CReader 419 review: portable, cost-effective









I received Launch CReader 419 after 10 days i ordered it at it’s small and light, plug and play, portable to use anywhere


I confirm the plug is connected well;


all buttons are workable;


and the port can be used no issue


the screen resolution is good to read


and the speed, as the dealer says, fast and smart


so far, I have used it for 2 weeks. Worked perfectly.

Read DTCs …OK
Clear DTCs …OK
Turns off Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) …OK
Read dynamic data streams …OK
Read readiness status …OK
Read freeze frame data …OK
Read pending DTCs …OK
Read permanent DTCs …OK
Read vehicle information …OK
Color and graphical display of data streams …OK

Query DTCs …OK


I must say it’s definitely worth every penny (€30 actually), very useful to for home use / personal use/ DIY users etc. Maybe more languages better for others (now English, Spanish, French, German). But for me, it does what i paid for.


If someone is tired of ELM327, handheld CReader 419 launch should a good choice i think.