How to register VXDIAG Benz Xentry/DAS Diagnostics


This is how to register Allscanner VXDIAG Mercedes-Benz Xentr/DAS Diagnostics


The method applies to:

VXDIAG multi tool Benz & BMW

Allscanner VXDIAG Benz


Xentry/DAS registration steps:

Video demo:

Install the computer driver

Then register Mercedes software

(two MB software is registered in the same way)


Open local disk C:

Open KEY application

Click on the lock icon

How-to-register-VXDIAG-Benz-Xentry (1) How-to-register-VXDIAG-Benz-Xentry (2)

Copy the device data and save data in a new .txt

How-to-register-VXDIAG-Benz-Xentry (3)

Click on XENTRY Diagnostics

How-to-register-VXDIAG-Benz-Xentry (4)

Copy the hardware id to register software

How-to-register-VXDIAG-Benz-Xentry (5)

Change the expiration date to 2030

How-to-register-VXDIAG-Benz-Xentry (6)

Click on “Fill the info above and click here to generate a starkey”

Copy the starkey and save data


Go to Starkey center

Enter Starkey and save it

How-to-register-VXDIAG-Benz-Xentry (7)

Close Starkey center


Open local disk C:

Open KEY saved application, then ok

How-to-register-VXDIAG-Benz-Xentry (8)


Open VX Manager

How-to-register-VXDIAG-Benz-Xentry (9)


Open Mercedes Pass Thur (Xentry diagnostics)

How-to-register-VXDIAG-Benz-Xentry (10) How-to-register-VXDIAG-Benz-Xentry (11)

Now you can select a model to have a diagnostic test or do coding/programming