KTAG Reads ME 9.7 Mercedes S350 (W221) 2006

Test: Ktag on ME 9.7 Mercedes S350 2006

Tool: Ktag programming tool China clone

Car: Mercedes S350 (W211) 2006

ECU: Bosch ME 9.7





Select a model in KTag software


IMPORTANT: make a backup copy of the ECU

Connect the ECU to the Ktag programmer

Pin 2 = GND

Pin 15, 16 = +12V

ktag-s350-me9.7-2 ktag-s350-me9.7-3 ktag-s350-me9.7-4 ktag-s350-me9.7-5 ktag-s350-me9.7-6 ktag-s350-me9.7-7 ktag-s350-me9.7-8 ktag-s350-me9.7-9 ktag-s350-me9.7-10

Ktag is gonna to read Bosch Me 9.7 Mercedes (P102)

ktag-s350-me9.7-11 ktag-s350-me9.7-12 ktag-s350-me9.7-13 ktag-s350-me9.7-14 ktag-s350-me9.7-15 ktag-s350-me9.7-16

Success! Then save data.


Result: Ktag can read Me 9.7 Mercedes without any issue!