Best V2.13 KTM100 KTAG FW V7.003 ECU Programming Tool

The new K-TAG KTM100 is 100% J-Tag compatible, but in a completely different way.Recognize vehicle ECU via ID automatically. One button click to charge tokens. Software is more easily to use than any other version. New adds BMW F** and Benz W222 series. Get free gift TITANIUM V1.61 software. FREE Continue Reading →

K-TAG V2.13 KTM100 V7.003 failed to read EDC17 (fixed)

Here is the solution to KTAG K-TAG V2.13 KTM100 7.003 ECU Programming Tool Master Version “Error (E011024) CAN Communication error” when reading EDC17. Problem: KTAG KTM100 software reported CAN Communication error when read EDC17. Then another error displayed “This application has failed to s Continue Reading →