Auto Diagnostic Begins with Kess, KTAG, FGtech china clone

Topic: China clone Kess, KTAG, FGtech: what’s best for starting auto diagnostic?


Question: Ok, after taking a long period of auto diagnostic, I would love to make first steps in ECU, PCM, Airbag, IMMO, VIN change… and other things, and since I am not professional, and I don’t do this for like a one time job, I would like to start with china clones, so I was watching on Kess, KTAG, and Galleto via aliexpess, amazon, ebay or any other site, so please can somebody share with me what is the best for starting, I could buy two of this, it is not problem, but three not so sure, and please since there are some threads talking about REWORKING those clones, and I am not like a profy soldering man, so I wold like to buy it and use it as safe as it goes, so please help me chose the best…
I am like going to work with Toyota, GM, Ford, and also interested in VAG
Benz and BMW

So I was looking in something like this:

Kess V2



Thanks in advance for answers!



Reply: Look here: (MUST READ IT!!!)



Then , focus the chart first:


ECU tools/Communication MPPS V18 KESS v2 KTAG FgTech 4 galletto v54

KESS v2 supports obd2, boot

MPPS v18 works for obd2, Multiboot, Tricore for Marelli ECU’s

KTAG can work for bdm, j-tag, boot

FgTech Galleto v54 4 (or Fgtech 2) work no issues with obd2, bdm, j-tag, boot


So, i think you should buy Fgtech v54, Kess v2 and Ktag all together.

Because non of China tool will cover all cars good and if you buy clone tools, buy all (galletto+kess+ktag) from them, that you will cover more cars, or better to buy a good original tool if you will do the work as a pro, all depends want you will do.



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