Fgtech Galletto read BMW M3 Siemens MSS54 via BDM

Here is the instruction to read this ECU from BMW M3 Siemens MSS54 with FgTech Galletto V54 ECU Programmer by BDM.

I need to read BMW M3 Siemens MSS54. I did not see in FgTech Galletto BDM support that ecu MSS54! There is only MS45. But I have checked the BDM MC32xxx pdf Page 13 for BMW MSS52, not say MSS54 but hardware appear to be the same. I loaded the pdf attachment below.

I had problem to identify pin number 1 on left/right flash. Thus I made some research and worked it out.
This is the pinout to read the ECU given by a Galletto expert.
The procedure to identify the pin 1#:

As promised, BDM 32xxx pdf can download free here:

Page 13 shows how to place the Siemens/Marelli BDM head on MSS52.
Page 12 shows how to place the very same Siemens/Marelli BDM head on a Trionic 8 + BDM pad 1 indication.
Page 7 shows how to find pin1

So I finally identify pin number 1 and successfully flashed BMW M3 with FGtech by BDM.