How to reset/program Zafira PSG16: with Carprog? Opcom? Tech2+GlobalTIS?

How to replace, reset/flash Zafira PSG16 ECU? And which tool should you use for PSG16 ECU programming? Using Carprog? Opcom? Tech2 scan tool?. Here is the how-to guide for you; a good discussion of Zafira PSG16 replacement and programming here.     Is it possible to install PSG16 ECU fr Continue Reading →

New Genius Windows 7 XP: install ok, 100% read/write ECU

China New Genius K-touch Windows 7 how to install? and how to setup New Genius clone Windows XP?   Here, you will get the step-by-step instruction on how to install New Genius software clone on Windows XP/ Windows 7 system, how to use K-touch read write ECU data, how to reset New Genius Continue Reading →

Kess V2 Ktag software download: Ksuite 2.32/2.28/2.25/2.23/2.11/1.93 (tested 100%)

Here, Ktag kess v2 clone software download, including K-suite software v2.32/ v2.28/ v2.25/ v2.23/ v2.11/ v1.93. All crack alientech software has been tested 100% and works no issues with kess v2 and/or ktag programmers.   Part1: kess v2 software download features crack no password te Continue Reading →

(solved) Kess v2/Ktag NOT Work with Gray Buttons in Ksuite

How to solve Ktag/kess v2 not working with gray buttons after successful ksuite installation? Professional solutions from….here you go…   ksuite v1.93 download on mega:!f8xQGLRA!8ZNod0YLAI-bY0rezjpthlBxyg-lzMSWnZCBoreCUuY Working ok with: SE87- Continue Reading →

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