FGtech Galletto 4 clone SE61-G SE61-GB: where to buy

From what I can see, there are currently 3 different Chinese PCB versions of Galletto v54 !

– There is one, where there are 2 leds on the top of the galletto and there are two, where the leds are on both sides, where the connectors are located (power/bdm/obd)

OBDEXPRESS.CO.UK, sells two different versions of Galletto v54, from different manufacturers:
(note: on the site, the pictures for both items are the same, but the galletto version differs in the leds and package, please check below for correct details)

Item No. SE61-G is the other version they sell, it comes in a brown box, has a power adapter for bench work, and has a green led, next to the power connector, and a red and yellow leds on the other side. This version is a little more expensive… Just a couple of euros… Maybe it’s because it has the power adapter also…

Item No. SE61-GB is the one, that has red led next to the power connector, and a green and yellow leds, on the other side, and comes without power adapter and comes in a white box.

This is the version I have, and I have successfully tested it in several cars:


Audi A4 2.0 tdi 2008edc17cp14: dpf delete, eco/power map


have the one with red LED next to power jack. I gave tested on k line works fine, CAN works fine, tricore works fine. Not tested on bdm yet


Tricore 2010 audi a6: read OK


2005 Skoda octavia vrs: K line OK


GP read 1_3 MJT 75 hp: Twenty-six seconds to read. File 2 MB


BMW X6 3.0D 2008 EDC16: OBD read and write WORK


Citroen C3 Bosch EDC 16C34: Read and write all good

5 minutes total to write.


BMW 525 (E39): Read and write OK. Everything Good


BMW edc16c35: failed

then i have to recovery through bdm.

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