Best tool for read/write EDC17 via OBD?

Question: I’m wondering if there’s a way to remap my ECU without having to take it out the car and boot it on the bench. I’ve seen some articles about CMD flash but I wasn’t sure how far along that technology is? What are remapping companies using on the Tricore ECU?


Answer: There are quite a few derivatives of the EDC17. Bench tuning for the majority and probably the best way to tune as we fully backup the ECU including eeprom etc


Here are some solutions of EDC17…. Enjoy! Good luck! 


  • For EDC16 i am using BDM100from china.
  • I USE FGTECH 54AND IS OK. no problem.
  • I read one EDC17 in Audi A4 with MPPS v16.
  • Another EDC17 I read in boot mode with galletto v54good china clone… Do job perfectly.

When you have problem, just try this way: uninstall all fgtech software. Install basic version. Connect tool and give drivers. Unplug tool. Remove basic. Install Win7 version. Plug tool + drivers. Done.

  • I use the kess reworked pcb and fw updated, like 08 what is available…is great tool, recently KESS FM V4.036available, haven’t test it, but I think it will do. As told by customer service, the older fw kess v2 is available to update firmware by returning back the main unit to them and charge $89, but the QC number has to be ended with 015.
  • I use byteshooter does most ecus obd2, inclusively edc17 first models until 2009, first generation. For late edc17 byteshooter reads very good on table, only resistor adding is needed. If you want good tool go Byteshoter. Never had issues with it. Galetto v54 reworked pcb works good too.
  • CMD CAN Flasherdont can read write all edc17 by obd, only a few.


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