How to use BDM100 programmer for Delphi ECUs

February 6, 2018 sales 0

BDM100 programmer is verified to work no issues with Delphi ECUs including: Delphi ECUs Delphi DCM3.2 ECUs Delphi DCM3.x (MB Version)   In detail…   Delphi ECUs   In case of a Delphi ECU the powerdistribution cannot be provided by special pads of the BDM port.   Use sepa Continue Reading →


BDM100 Siemens MSV70 User Manual (Wiring)

February 2, 2018 sales 0

BDM100 programmer Siemens MSV70 manual:   On the Siemens MSV70 ECU the power distribution is provided by the pins of the main connector   Use separate wires to connect GND and +12Vcc to the pins of the main connector (The main connector of the Siemens MSV70 ECU (equal to the one of the Continue Reading →

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Best tool for read/write EDC17 via OBD?

February 20, 2017 sales 0

Question: I’m wondering if there’s a way to remap my ECU without having to take it out the car and boot it on the bench. I’ve seen some articles about CMD flash but I wasn’t sure how far along that technology is? What are remapping companies using on the Tricore ECU?   Continue Reading →