How to reset/program Zafira PSG16: with Carprog? Opcom? Tech2+GlobalTIS?

How to replace, reset/flash Zafira PSG16 ECU? And which tool should you use for PSG16 ECU programming? Using Carprog? Opcom? Tech2 scan tool?. Here is the how-to guide for you; a good discussion of Zafira PSG16 replacement and programming here.



Is it possible to install PSG16 ECU from vectra C to zafira and oppositely from zafira to vectra ?

Yes, it is possible to install from zafira to vectra and oppositely



Did you try to reset with Opcom?

Yes I tried opcom but when I put 0608 it gives me security wait time.
Carprog says FFFF.



Why Carprog cant do reset ? 

If the pump has come from a Vectra C and your fitting it on a Zafira A then it wont reset; the best way is to do a SPS update with Tech 2 and GlobalTis to overwrite the software in the pump then program it with the cars own security code


Vectra C use CAN communication, and Zafira use K-Line communication protocol.
Without SPS or another device for re flashing, not possible change.



What if I put it in Vectra C, it will be possible to do reset than? 

Yes you can reset it if you plug it into a Vectra C but you will still need to reflash the software, the immo (cim) on a vectra c uses pin 47 of the ecu on a Zafira A the immo is on Pin 6, i don’t think it will work until the software is reflashed.



Which tool should i take for Zafira pump psg16 replacement and programming?

Tech2 is special for opel but it is expensive ,and there is calibration data from Tis2web.
OPCOM is a diagnostic tool for opel cars till 2014 year; cover all models and modules in opel cars,
Carprog is a universal programmer writer for many IC, dash boards airbag units eeproms, MCU,and ECU-s /make ECU virgin, read pincode./


You can make pump virgin with Opcom/PIN must know/and tools like Carprog.

Then can program new with Opcom.but numbers must mach.

If you have Tis/GolbalTis and Tech2 you can program any ECU to mach to ANY car.



Any good experience of psg16 replacement and programming?

The end of the story is fixed. I had an issue with communication Tech2 to Globaltis – the reason was different software version. updated tech2 and they started talking. Right. Connected tech2 to the car – sps – pulled ID -went to globaltis – downloaded calibration file for the vin -connected tech2 to the car and started flashing. It erased ori file and stopped on 13 % saying programming failed. So the ecu flash blank. No good. Then took advice from one of my friends and we went online. By connecting to gme website ( having access and login) connected the car through tech2 to the Opel website. Then Flashed psg16 from the serwer and we are done. Small issue with acc pedal sensor sorted next day and car went to the customer. Many thanks guys for all comments. It did worked out.


Most important thing is to know how many multi plugs are on your pump……….One or Two………..If you have only one multi plug then that is just plug and play…………but, if its got two multi plugs then that will have to be programmed and matched to your immobiliser system…………..

After you have fitted your new pump connect your opcom and get communication with your Engine ECU ………

1) Go to Program Option and Enter your new pump Pin Code ( Donner Pump Pin) then click on Engine ECU Reset……by doing so you will now reset your donner pump …………….

2) Log out of Engine ECU and now log in to Immobiliser System and Enter your Original Car Pin Code after doing this go to program option and now select Replaced Engine ECU after doing this you have now matched your donner pump to your car immobiliser system…….

Most of the time you don’t need to program your keys again but, if needed you can then reprogram your all keys again……….

Program all the Variant System as per your old Pump……..and also your High Can, Mid Can, and Low Can system

Finally clear all fault codes and start your car……………

Good Luck……………

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