Xprog-m 5.7.6 how to update &Xprog 5.7 review

Free download Xprog v5.7 software (update files) and enjoy ecu programming.

Download Xprog 5.7 software:http://www.megafileupload.com/p9uM/XProgDesktop.zip

new link… the corrected file with information in the register system (there is no certificate error)


Note: you need luck with the Xprog 5.7 update file and may take risks

Here is a working Xprog v5.70 for you, tested 100% working!


For those who have the time to check the operation.
1. Unzip the zip file, run XProgDestop.exe (tested on Win7)
2. Press the Help -> Hardware Info … and update the firmware
3. Do not press the Update Certificate!

xprog-5.7.6-download-update (1) xprog-5.7.6-download-update (2) xprog-5.7.6-download-update (3) xprog-5.7.6-download-update (4)

Reviews of Xprog v5.7.6 update:Have spare Xprog 5.50 around. Did reflash to 5.5.5 and did FW update to 5.7.6
Every thing went fine, xprog seems working as intended , all new chips available and can be selected  Edit: tested on HC912D60 …is okay..
For over an hour Xprog was connected to a PC, internet active, I have no problem with the certificate.


xprog-5.7-review (1) xprog-5.7-review (2)

Good luck!