GM MDI clone works with Ford IDS: Confirmed!

Does anyone know if my clone GM MDI interface will work with Ford IDS software without limitations?
Also is there anyway to convert my MDI to a VCM II by flashing it? They seem to be very similar.


Possible but not easy…Requires editing of the Dynamic link libary files and more.


i have had MDI Working with it for a long time for personal use
Since version it is easier than say 96.01 becuase when they changed things to block clones in this version, they basically changed the file stucture to that of an MDI.

but whats the point with tools like vxdiag vcx nano flying about for around the £50.00 mark using the same process as i talk about ….they are good working tools for little money that can be thrown away when blocked or damaged and repurchased… would need to buy a lot of these buy the time you bought an original VCMII

let me give you an example…with licensed ford ids and clone VCM-II , You are still blocked from server….with genuine VCM-II and good keygened software thing still work 100%…YOU CAN CHECK THIS NOT IN IDS But in ETIS.

the main thing dealer sites look for is genuine hardware but sometimes genuine serial in clone tool is not enough, example JLR SDD

after many years of messing about with this sort of stuff i can honestly say the way to go is…Genuine tools with Genuine software, which is out of most people like you and me’s reach so 2nd to that is genuine tools with GOOD modified software that works in the real world….Some clones work well and are reliable like Vas5054a, Lexia interface...renault can clip.icom a2‘s….sdconnect….interface of good quality…..but when i spend a lot of money on tools i want them to work , software i can always sort myself so i try to buy genuine hw for personal use , way less problems this way…..long winded post i know but i thought i would share my thoughts in general …..Kind Regards



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