Will IDS software work ok on Ford transit mk8?

 IDs software feedback on Ford transit mk7, Ford transit mk8, Ford custom 65 plate…


  1. IDs works ok on Ford transit mk7

I got one of those VCM2 clones that I used with my Mk7. so I could keep van running well.


  1. IDs works ok on Ford custom 65 plate

On a positive note my 56 plate 2.2 130 is quiet as a mouse

I’m running a granddaddy vcm2 on v96 and it works on the custom 65 plate. However, you can’t initialize modules or program keys, so apart from basic code reading, live data and configuration. It ain’t needed.

Forscan seems to work.

You might need to change your vcm serial number but just try using v95 to v98 no later. And vmware on your vcm. You know if it works if you plug it into the van and it sees the pcm as shows the vin etc. No comms to identify the vehicle pcm and manual entry required means no.


  1. IDs running with VCMII clone on Ford transit mk8: only some works

1) Can’t do any of that.
All you can do is program injectors. Clear any and all learned values. Live data. Change configuration.
No module installation, no keys. No pats.

So it’s pretty crap really.
But as you have it there you should be able to get it running with v96/97/98. If your serial number isn’t blacklisted. If it is then you’re screwed.
Install v91 then v96 on vmware and give it a try.


Euro 5 it doesn’t have it.

But sh*t really.

I read that you can do it online with etis if you have a license, but when I took it to Ford and specifically requested that it be done they charged me but didn’t do it they just cleared the fuel pump learned value

Fyi that causes it to sound worse as it needs to learn again.

Not had a good experience with euro 5 tbh bloody Ford

It may be available with mk7 euro 5.
Also pre 2015 may allow pats access offline.

But that’s all I know.

On a positive note my 56 plate 2.2 130 is quiet as a mouse


2) I’ve used Forscan instead, it’s newer than IDS software and it’s free, fairly easy to use and works with VCM2.