How to lower Jaguar X350 air suspension with JLR mangoose SDD

Here is the inscrtion on restting air suspension value for Jaguar X350 with Jaguar and Land Rover JLR mangoose SDD diagnostic system or Ford VCMⅡIDS/SDD for Ford, Jaguar and Land rover.

Before re-calibrate air suspension value, you need to fit some longer rods to the height sensors and some shims under the mounting brackets of the height sensors.


JLR mangoose SDD OBDⅡdiagnostic interface or Ford VCM2 IDS/SDD for Ford and JLR
A laptop running Win XP home


Well install Mangoose SDD software
Connect the mangoose cable with vehicle via OBD socket
Wait the SDD to read VIN automatically and display vehicle information


Run an though scan of the car, and go to “Service Function” program
Locate “Air Suspension calibration” option on the list


Turn ignition OFF
Turn ignition ON and start the engine
Wait the SDD levels out and adjusts the suspension, the SDD software will pops out “Air suspension leveling in progress” notice. The compressor will run and the shocks fill and bleed. Finally, it will level out the correct ride height.

Measure the distance from the centre of each wheel to the apex of the each wheelarch in millimeters using the ride height gauge 204-484. For example: front at 386mm and the rear at 373mm, write down these numbers.

If the car is not sting at this height, it needs to be calibrated to the factory settings. If it is correct set, you can start calibrate the suspension.


Follow the picture below to measure the ride height


If you do not have this tool, you can measure the ride height using tape measure from the inside edge of the wheel arch, this is not the same as the outside edge. Remove the center caps from the wheels. The growler has a line exactly in the middle if you turn it 90° which makes measuring easier.


The Ford IDS will prompt you to enter the front left ride height value in mm, to add the amount that you want to lower the car compared to the factory setting.


Example, if you want to lower the front by 15mm, to 371mm, and the front is actually at the factory height of 386mm, then enter 401mm into the VCM IDS. Measure the other side and add the same amount. After you measure 4 corners, the car will go through a leveling cycle and adjust to the new height.


Continue to measure all four corners follow the same procedure above.


Once again you have to enter values into the IDS, by adding the amount you want to lower the car.
Follow the above reference, you should now be measuring 371mm, add 15mm to it & enter 386mm (factory value).

The IDS will report “The air suspension unit has calibrated successfully” when is completed.


Have a check of your car


Exit JLR SDD or VCM2 IDS/SDD software program.
Disconnect mangoose cable or Ford VCM2 for Ford and JLR diagnostic system from vehicle.