New Genius Flash Point ECU Chip Tuning Tool Released

New Genius Flash Point ECU Chip Tuning Tool Released at,which allows reading / programming the ECU in modern vehicles over OBD2.It is able to work without connection a computer during the critical phases of reading and writing of the ECU, ensuring the process is executed in complete safety.

The New Genius as a completely independent tool, the risks of working with a PC can be avoided, risks such as stalling, Windows crashes, power failure etc…

Top reasons to choose New genius ecu chip tool:
1) Multi-language: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Hungarian
2) Latest Firmware V5.05 version. New adds more newer ECUs.
V5.05 firmware support more ECUs than the old version. Click here to know new genius ECU tool supported ECUs list
3) Same function as KESS V2. Handheld version.
Handheld version, you can directly use this tool connect your car to read the data. If you need to modify the data, then can install the software on PC to do.
4) Unlited tokens version.
It has the tokens reset button on the main unit. Just click this button and token will be charged.
5.Update via USB
6.Easy to read/write ecu.

The New Genius supports CAN-BUS, KWP and J1850 protocols and has communication modules available for the following vehicles:

Key Features:
Easy to use thanks to its touch screen and intuitive menu.
Completely independent of the PC during the phases of read / write.
System automatic backup.
SD 1 GB expandable memory (expandable to 16 GB)
System updates via USB.

More information: