VVDI Prog Programmer 4.4.0 Test Results from Customers

The is customer feedback collections of VVDI Prog Programmer (2.2.0-4.4.0) at obd2express.
Feedback on http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/wholesale/vvdi-prog-vvdi-prog-super-programmer.html

VVDI Prog 4.4.0 on BMW cars
Cas 3 0L15Y read/write eep+flash ok
Cas 3+ 0M23S read/write eep+flash ok
Cas 2 2K79X read/write eep+flash ok
Program BMW CAS4+ All Key Lost…test ok
Read BMW CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+ and CAS4 ECU…test ok
Read BMW Engine ECU ISN…test ok
read out BMW 5 series CAS data
adds BMW CAS4 key
Can’t find a way to read Cas 1 for E65 mask 0K50E

VVDI Prog on Mercedes Benz
W211 ezs 4L40K read/write eep+flash ok

VVDI PROG programmer 4.1.4 on Great Wall, Delphi
Read Great Wall Delphi EEPROM 93C66…test ok
Read 5M48H and common 8pin IC…test ok

VVDI Prog 2.2.0 on VW
The programmer read VW 44 IC EEPROM
Calculate password

VVDI Prog on MCU Motorola 912Xd256
MCU Motorola 912Xd256 unsecured it
read ok
eeprom and flash write ok
wont write new data on
always says erase error
eeprom flash not

VVDI Prog get PIN code of Ford, Nissan, Hyundai, VW
Ford password calculation (get Incode with Outcode)
vvdi-prog -4.4-get-pin-code (1)
calculate Nissan 20 digital PIN code
vvdi-prog -4.4-get-pin-code (2)
Calculate Hyundai PIN code by VIN
vvdi-prog -4.4-get-pin-code (3)
Load data to calculate VW PIN
vvdi-prog -4.4-get-pin-code (4)