How to choose a Nissan diagnostic and programming tool for new and old cars?

Tips and guides: How to do new & old Nissan diagnostic, key adding and ECU programming


For new Nissan (2010-2017):

Consult 3 PLUS running software v65.12


For old Nissan (-2010):

Consult 3 or Consult 4 running software v09.21

FYI, here we’re talking about China clone interface for Nissan diagnostic and programming.


Consult 3, Consult 3 PLUS, Consult 4 share the same functions and features. All are confirmed to work perfectly in OBD2 diagnosis, key programming (when all keys are lost) and ECU programming.


They only differ in software versions and model year supported. The difference can be found at the beginning.


Nissan Consult 3 supports Bluetooth connection though. You’re not advised to connect to the Consult 3 clone via Bluetooth because Bluetooth can not work well actually.