ICOM Next + BMW E series CIC = Not A Good Idea

December 7, 2017 sales 0

It’s in the release notes for ISTA-P 3.59.2 that ICOM Next and E series CIC is not a good idea. It does not say why unfortunately. Here you go.   Release Notes ISTA/P P3.59.2 5.1.5. Programming the CICR head unit takes a long time Fault description: The programming of vehicles with CIC Continue Reading →

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Free download 2016.6 BMW KSD ICOM A2 software

June 28, 2016 sales 0

06.2016 BMW KSD is one of ICOM A2 software that offers full vehicle repairing information for diagnosis or programming. Free download BMW KSD [06.2016]: Note: Continue Reading →

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2016.3 ICOM A2 Rheingold ISTA+ New Features

March 30, 2016 sales 0

This is the update information of ICOM A2 B C with latest 2016.3 software ISTA+ for BMW vehicles to the 2016 year. Software version ISTA-D 3.54.12 ISTA-P New feature 1 ISTA+ as the new name ISTA+ is the new name of ICOM software, instead of ISTA-D (Rheingold) New feature 2 Add 2016 Continue Reading →