How to Activate ISTA+ Diagnosis PAD Mode

December 5, 2018 sales 0

BMW ISTA+ Diagnosis PAD Mode all detailed can be found here:   What is the PAD mode on ISTA? PAD is the short form of Testing analysis diagnosis. The PAD mode is the vehicle condition between “Residing” and “Driving”.The PAD mode corresponds to the physical “ter Continue Reading →


ICOM Next + BMW E series CIC = Not A Good Idea

December 7, 2017 sales 0

It’s in the release notes for ISTA-P 3.59.2 that ICOM Next and E series CIC is not a good idea. It does not say why unfortunately. Here you go.   Release Notes ISTA/P P3.59.2 5.1.5. Programming the CICR head unit takes a long time Fault description: The programming of vehicles with CIC Continue Reading →

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Free download 2016.6 BMW KSD ICOM A2 software

June 28, 2016 sales 0

06.2016 BMW KSD is one of ICOM A2 software that offers full vehicle repairing information for diagnosis or programming. Free download BMW KSD [06.2016]: Note: Continue Reading →

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2016.3 ICOM A2 Rheingold ISTA+ New Features

March 30, 2016 sales 0

This is the update information of ICOM A2 B C with latest 2016.3 software ISTA+ for BMW vehicles to the 2016 year. Software version ISTA-D 3.54.12 ISTA-P New feature 1 ISTA+ as the new name ISTA+ is the new name of ICOM software, instead of ISTA-D (Rheingold) New feature 2 Add 2016 Continue Reading →