I bought Lonsdor K518ise for BMW CAS keys only…

December 7, 2018 sales 0

I bought Lonsdor K518ise for CAS keys. The ford nissan and toyota can be done by even other very cheap programmers. As long as Lonsdor cannot do BMW CAS keys it is useless to me. On all other cars I have even cheaper tools that don’t even cost half the cost of Lonsdor updates that do the job. D Continue Reading →


How to Use Lonsdor K518 Hex editor

April 13, 2018 sales 0

User manual:Lonsdor K518 Hex editor Instructions     1 Open Hex editor Enter K518 home screen, select【settings】 In【settings】menu, select【Hex editor】   【Hex editor】interface as shown  Back to home screen    Back to previous menu 2 Open file 【Hex editor】interface: Continue Reading →