Scania VCI 3 vs VCI 2 vs VCI1 truck diagnostic tool


There are some differences among Scania diagnostic tools VCI 1, VCI 2, VCI 3, in terms of connection, vehicles, software and language, etc. For details, please go on your reading.   About hardware compatibility 1)  Communication way Scania VCI1 and VCI2 can only be used USB for communicati Continue Reading →

Install SDP3 V2.24 for VCI 2 VCI 3 on Win 7

Scania truck diagnosis SDP V2.24 has been released. Here is all about the new SDP3 V2.24.1 for VCI 2 or VCI 3.. SDP3 2.24 free download: Computer requirement: Windows 7 32 bit Compatible device: VCI 2 VCI 3 WIFI Installa Continue Reading →