How to choose a HQ vas5054a clone

September 11, 2017 sales 0

There are four versions of VAS5054A clone for VAG diagnostics, some good and work great while some bad and fail to work. You are supposed to know all versions if you wanna have a high-quality VAS 5054A clone.         Version 1: green board   Version 2: green board &n Continue Reading →

High quality VAG PRO CAN BUS+UDS+K-line

August 10, 2016 sales 0

This VAG  PRO support CAN BUS + UDS + K-Line for diagnostics and programming of electronic components used in vehicles Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, made from 1990 to 2015. New in version 5.5.1 Scanner: Support for new addresses entered in the MLB-Evo platform Update database-ODX (support for Continue Reading →

5054a-bluetooth module-A-B

How to tell VAS 5054A Bluetooth by PCB

January 11, 2016 sales 0 offers two types of VAS 5054A with different pcb, which support good or normal bluetooth function. Here is the tip for you all to tell VAS 5054A Bluetooth by PCB.   Two different bluetooth module from two factories Good bluetooth function with A bluetooth module Source: ht Continue Reading →