JLR mangoose Pro SDD vs. VCM 2 IDS/SDD for JLR

What’s the difference between JLR mangoose/mangoose Pro SDD SAE J2534 USB pass-thru and VCMII IDS/SDD for Jaguar & Land Rover? Which one is better to choose? Please check the table list below:
jlr mangoose - JLR mangoose Pro SDD vs. VCM 2 IDS/SDD for JLR -
Customer feedback:
1) I think The Mongoose (mangoose) is only good for later jag and later LR. Early Jag it claims its ok. I have experience with latest Jaguar and LR…models after 2008. Mongoose is perfect.

2) I have both vcm 2 and mangoose and they will work on x308s with a new sdd computer at my dealership. As far as I can tell, the newer software versions have two layouts; Legacy IDS and SDD. With a VCM you can choose to run the software as IDS or SDD. With a Mongoose you only get SDD. It’s the same software but with a different look/layout. You can turn off the automatic updates and keep the SDD online (offline is not available on newer versions).

Product Links
SP205 JLR mangoose pro
SP116 mangoose SDD
SP177-G WIFI VCM for Jaguar and Land rover
SP177-F VCM2 for JLR

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favicon - JLR mangoose Pro SDD vs. VCM 2 IDS/SDD for JLR - JLR mangoose Pro SDD vs. VCM 2 IDS/SDD for JLR