JLR SDD experiences: Cabin Fuse Box – Fuse #43

I wanted to share some of my experiences for future forum users encountering issues using JLR SDD. For the last month I have been trying to solve several problems using SDD (Multiple module Red X, DTC’s and when trying to run an SDD program asking to connect a J1962 diagnostic cable)

ModulesJLR SDD OK 600x295 - JLR SDD experiences: Cabin Fuse Box - Fuse #43

JLR SDD New 600x295 - JLR SDD experiences: Cabin Fuse Box - Fuse #43

A significant observation was the battery symbol, top right corner, has always shown red and this is a known concern. However I have always used a battery maintainer reliably delivering 13.7V and up to 40A capacity so what gives  I finally traced the root cause to a blown Fuse 43 in the cabin fuse box. This fuse protects the circuit that delivers B+ to the DLC (Data Link Connector AKA OBD port). With that corrected I get a reliable SDD Battery indicator of green or yellow

JLR SDD old 600x296 - JLR SDD experiences: Cabin Fuse Box - Fuse #43

Also I no longer get an SDD request to connect a J1962 diagnostic cable and ran through a vehicle scan successfully.
Now the next interesting observation was that all those ISO network module issues disappeared

SDD Key programming Lite 600x216 - JLR SDD experiences: Cabin Fuse Box - Fuse #43

So when using SDD always use a battery maintainer or charger to help the battery provide sufficient voltage/current. If you still have issues check passenger fuse 43 if you are having strange SDD behaviors and avoid chasing down false positives and stripping out the driver and passenger footwells and drivers door module like me. Well on the bright side I at least cleaned most connectors with zero residue electrical cleaner

Now I need to find out why service functions no longer provide an option to program keys. Why is this all so difficult – oh I Know it’s a Jaguar. Any advise on how to get the key programming option back?



Problem resolution.. Here you go….


You are going to become the mongoose guru.


I am still trying various versions of SDD to see which one I can to work the best with my setup.


Currently installing V130_V7 because:

V1.25 did not work. After reading my VIN it just said the VIN is not authenticated/recognised and returned to the read Vin page.

V1.42 seemed to work (but I didn’t know what to expect with it, so it maybe working).

V1.39 – have the DVD with main V1.39_vull.exe file but no VDF files or SPA files with it, so useless.


I have even tried installing and running it on an old Sony Viao desktop that I keep in the garage for research and music while working on the cars/bike. SDD does not work on a Desktop for some reason, it only seems to work on laptops?


I have tried using SDD with the ignition on (engine off) and ignition on (engine running) as I don’t have a battery voltage maintainer (other than a small motorbike charger with 9000mah).


This whole thing is a learning process and I don’t even know yet if my mongoose cable is now still working (it flashes green and red when connected) because sometimes it reads the VIN and sometimes it doesn’t!!


It’s a work in progress.


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