Land Rover-Jaguar SDD VMware Activated Free Download and test reports

Land Rover-Jaguar SDD VMware. Activated, not tested with interface.
Please use Vmware 15 , when open first time click I moved.
Free for all.!dFVF3CqD!wPsCBxQWmAhkgumPkqSCEImJ4GTDTiRc1vOXkDRgWi8

8.09 GB


look at screeshot for the version number.



vmware 15 cracked:!5Zsw0KLI!GI88kqwLmRJo8iiOA4i0FA

Application: have the old v12 and cannot find a crack version of it v15 to make the vmware work. I cannot run it on vm v12, you need vmware 15 cracked.


Test reports:

Works brilliantly. Some features seem to have problems though, such as configuring the Transmission Control Valve / Transmission Control Body, this seems to cause the software to crash.

As I understand it on modern JLRs you can’t program keys to existing modules.  You have to replace the KVM and can only program keys to a new module.


There are 3 tool kits can program keys on Jaguar with KVM module.

  1. The 1st one is Mart tool

(Do 2015 FK72 KVM All Key Lost On Range Rover)


  1. The 2nd one is ACDP plus JLR Module 9

ACDP Program LANDROVER KVM Add Keys &All Keys Lost


  1. The 3rd one is VVDI PRO plus KVM adapter.

Land Rover most after 2015 year car models need to replace the new KVM module, or refresh the data. But read or write data process may cause problems as the wiring. VVDIProg will help you solve the problem, and now has one Special Clip Adapter for VVDI-Prog to Read Land Rover KVM NO Need Soldering.

jlr-sdd-vmware-activated-02 jlr-sdd-vmware-activated-03