ECU clone tools for most cars needed

Topic: looking for the ECU cloning tools for most cars, I wanna read out cs number and pincode for immobilizer. I think if I need ktag and kess v2 and fgtech galetto.

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Let’s read some experienced users’ advice:

  1. You will be able to read the memories with those tools. For extracting data like CS/PIN You will need another tool and software like AVDI, Xhorse VVDI Pro, or other like that. Depends on what brand do You want to do.
    Also, keep in mind, that with Chinese tools You will be able to do old EDC16 at best. You can clone them 1 to 1 and will work. But with EDC17/MED17 and other newer ECUs from different producers are often blocked from cloning. EDC17/MED17 mostly have the OTP areas inside the MCU, that will prevent You from copying the whole memories. You need other, not so cheap tools that will let You read and modify data in cars to match engine ECUs.
    ktag and kess from china are usually a good start if You have some older cars to work on. But keep in mind, all the chiptuning tools like Kess/K-tag/Trasdata and so on, won’t magically make the changes for You. Those tools are just that, tools to read/write memories. You have to know what to do with the files then. If You need to extract PIN then You need to know where it is and how to calculate it or You might need some specialist software that will extract it for You.


  1. I personally have ori Trasdata for ECU reading on bench, Chinese kess/mpps/galetto for older OBD reading/writing and ori AVDI and SMOK UHDS. With those tools I can program almost every immo related module in practically every car. I believe that autel can do something but tools like AVDI/SMOK/VVDI/CGDI or similar are also needed depending on what brands are You going to program.
    I decided that AVDI is the most versatile tools that will do a lot in every brand. If I were to focus only on Mercedes, I would probably go for CGDI, if BMW, Explorer or autohex. Fiat/PSA, I/O terminal is a good choice. For VAG group AVDI and VVDI are the best IMHO. So it really depends on what are You exactly trying to achieve.
    For cloning ECUs that can be cloned one to one, k-tag or trasdata will be good choice. Kess cannot clone as it only reads flash, can’t read eeprom. For ECUs with OTP areas, like EDC17, You cannot clone one to one, and need other tools to do this. But it really depends on car brands. Some tools are better in one brand, some in other. Some will do all of them, but are less specialized if it comes for things other than IMMO programming.
    I always say, look what cars are the most popular in Your area, get the tools that cover all of systems in them, and then build up arsenal for other brands as You grow.


There will be more reviews on the working ECU cloning tools, you can search on google, after reading them, you’d better sit down and think what brand you will need. Any here is all Chinese ECU clone tools for your choice.

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