Actia Multidiag Or Autocom / DS150E Reviews

Vote actia multidiag, diagbox xs evolution, ds150e etc, why? any experience for sharing?


Vote autocom / ds150e:
1.For other brands you can take a @utocom it works well anyway.

2. a @utocom and the same as the ds150e, just the name that has changed.
I already have the ds150e I just wanted a more powerful more advanced, in this case see for actia multidiag if you need it. I think I will stay on brand-by-brand interfaces!

Question: Can ACTIA Multi-Diag work with a DS150e interface?
Yes. actia multidiag only works with its software and the serial numbers of its peak and with no other software so it does not work with ds150.
Ds150 works with delphi, woo, and autocom if I’m not wrong good day

delphi vs actia: The 2 can be near the same skills the difference is played on the types of vehicle (European vehicle => actia, exter europe => delphi, although the two are doing very well). The ideal is still diag own manufacturer but hey it’s still expensive to add lol.

Fact: with a vci multidiag you can do vida (volvo)
with our vci actia multidiag we can diag with the soft Vida if it’s the case you try or you have to change the vci. Tested it works without anything modified, the multidiag compatible with SAE J2534.


Vote xs evolution:

  1. The best is the tool builder is on, after you have to see what you have as a vehicle, according to your presentation you have c4 picasso partner, an xs evolution will be very good2. yes that’s what I thought but as I tinker on different brand sometimes! In any case, I am going to think of taking diabox xs evolution.