obdstar Odo Master is better than obdstar x300m

OBDSTAR Odo Master is a new dedicated odometer correction tablet, it is designed to be better than obdstar x300m, including tablet design, wider and newer vehicle coverage, online one-click update, on-screen instruction, read and write mileage via OBD etc. And it is much cheaper than OBDSTAR X300 dp plus.


From this image, you can read:

Data Backup
Data Recovery
Read Odometer
Write Odometer
Odometer Reset
Oil Service Reset
Read & Clear DTC
One-Click Upgrade
Instruction Documents
Wide Vehicle Coverage (almost as the same as the obdstar dp plus, view on www.obdstar.com)


obdstar Odo Master VS obdstar x300m VS obdstar dp plus

For vehicle car list:

obdstar x300m < obdstar Odo Master < obdstar dp plus


For vehicle year from newer to older: obdstar dp plus = obdstar Odo Master > obdstar x300m


For price: obdstar x300m (205eur) < obdstar Odo Master (755eur) < obdstar dp plus ( 1454eur)


For update: obdstar Odo Master = obdstar dp plus, that is one – click upgrade. obdstar x300m has less update recently.

Here you can see:


Image of obdstar x300m:



Image of obdstar dp plus: