Confirmed!Multidiag pro+ DS150E can read BMW cars – new & old

This is my solution for green single PCB with bluetooth Multidiag pro+ Chinese.

sp207-b-mutidiag-pro-single-pcb-(1) sp207-b-mutidiag-pro-single-pcb-(2)

These are the photos of the modifications i made.

I have the ”Multidiag pro+” case, but this motherboard comes with other housings like ”DS150E”.


EDIT: 30v 500Mw ZENDER diodes.

mutidiag-pro-bmw-(1) mutidiag-pro-bmw-(2) mutidiag-pro-bmw-(3)

If you are still having problems reading old BMW before 2000.

20-pin under the hood connector.

Do this, bridge the pins that appear in the photo.

mutidiag-pro-old-bmw-(1) mutidiag-pro-old-bmw-(2) mutidiag-pro-old-bmw-(4) mutidiag-pro-old-bmw-(5)

NOTE: How to choose diagnostic tools for DS150E?

safe with T-C-S C-D-P pro china clone:

2015.R3 scanner with Bluetooth
2015.R3 scanner without Bluetooth
(New Design) v2015.3 obd2 scanner without Bluetooth
(New design) 2015.R3 obd2 scanner with Bluetooth and 4G Memory Card

or safe with Multidiag pro china clone:

Multidiag pro with single PCB:
Multidiag pro 2015R3 DS150E Bluetooth,
Multidiag pro 2015R3 DS150 without Bluetooth, basic configuration

Multidiag pro 2015R3 DS150E Bluetooth with a 4G memory card

(Full kit) Multidiag pro 2015R3 DS150E Bluetooth with a 4G memory card, with all cables

Multidiag pro with double PCBs:

Multidiag pro+ without Bluetooth, 2015R3 DS150E, cheapest,

Mutidiag pro Bluetooth 2015R3 DS150E, with a 4G memory card