2015r3 TCS CDP pro PCB v8 v6 v5 v3 differences

TCS CDP pro+ printed circuited board (PCB) has been updated and improved for several times. So, what’s the difference of TCS CDP PCB v3.0 v5.0 v6.0 v8.0 and how much do you know? Read the thread.


Now, it’s v8 pcb of TCS CDP +
v5 not work on nissan qashqai 2012 1.6 dci
v8 work well : v8 it’s better

sp122-c-tcs-cdp-pcb-bluetooth (2) sp122-c-tcs-cdp-pcb-bluetooth (1) sp122-c-tcs-cdp-pcb-bluetooth (3)



There are two kinds of v8 pcb:

V8 PCB with a high-quality Bluetooth module:



Source: http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/wholesale/tcs-cdp-pro-diagnostic-bluetooth-a.html


V8 PCB with a normal Bluetooth module:


Source: http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/wholesale/tcs-cdp-pro-diagnostic-bluetooth-b.html


it’s v6 PCB but same like v5



TCS CDP v5.0 PCB with zener diodes 30v



V5.0 PCB original vs. copy:
original v5.0 (2x fake 9241A=lm393 installed, KL only, not KKL) needs 5v zeners installed, if removed KL line stop working.
Original v5.0


V5.0 copy



New 5.0 pcb vs. Old 5.0 pcb

removing or replacing d701 and d703 diodes in this new 5.0 pcb version

new 5.0 is supposed to work ok without modifying the zener diodes
because pcb is completely different to previous versions and diodes are supposed to work as they should

Previous v5



New v5



It was v5 became v3



Amazing !
How these two will fit “pin to pin” it’s a mystery for me. Unless your PCB board is a completely redesigned version.



Pcb V5.0 vs. Pcb V3.0

with v3.0, 5v zeners must be just removed, or replaced with 30v zeners for trucks support
if modded v5.0 by robertdz is exactly = v3.0, again 5v zeners must be removed or replaced with 30v zeners.


different tracks and design



in case v5.0 pcb was designed for lm393, pins 6 and 7 would shorted on both left and right ic’s


Edit: tracks of 9241 on the right are all dead, no sense to replace it with another lm393, just the one on the left


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