Free Download GM GDS2 21.0.01501 Tech2Win16.02.24

Offer free GDS2 21.0.01501 + Tech2Win16.02.24, NO VMware, No computer requirement, No need activation.
GDS2 21.0.01501:!jN4lSYaA!5Q_p4sZEySxLu6HVPP418A

GDS2 language: multi-lingual



Tech2Win Language: English


It is Free , but must be connected VCX Device (wifi & usb options)

For Saab, Opel /Vauxhall, GM Global, GM China

Gm Gds2 01 Gm Gds2 02

1, Download InstallPackage
2, Run “GDS2AutoInstall.exe” to Install Gds2
3, Install VCX Manager and GM driver.
4, Run Gds2.exe(shortcut on desktop)


Here is one video guide:



The VM does not expire because it is frozen in time. I used these files to update a VM with no issues.


That file is emulating activation only if you are using a VCX tool
Otherwise your GDS2 will not be activate it.
As you can see you have to have the VCX tool connected before start the emulator
But if you have an already updated VMware don’t need to use that GDS2.exe


Will GDS2 Software 2019/4 work with the MDI head?

Answer: Of course it goods works but you need to activate it and lease it.

Also it doesn’t have all regional language it only have English German and etc. not have all language in database.

Gm Gds2 03