GM GDS2 “No Valid Lease Found” solution engineer offer the working solution to GM GDS2 software error “No valid lease found” .

Gm Gds2 No Valid Lease Found Solution 01 Gm Gds2 No Valid Lease Found Solution 02

Images: GM MDI (SP163-D) GDS2 software “No valid lease found”.


What reason and how to do:

Please reset the computer time to the current time, if failed, please try to install GDS2 software on another computer.


However, if you used vxdiag vcx nano GM cable, you may start GDS2 software from VX Manager, please run GDS2 from patch directly.

We made one video and uploaded it on youtube, it’s on how to install GDS2 Software 02.2019 on win7:


Good luck!