Free download Mercedes-Benz Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS 2019.12

The author searched the forums and sites looking for free source of XENTRY 12/2019 XDOS 19.12.5. Finally, hard work pays off.


Free source 1: XENTRY 12/2019 Torrent!cQYjRAob!c4C9T-38Y_i6rnCM8-4nehbL9L2demSrsMbnbLiP4M8

No password

Not tested widely.


Free source 2: XENTRY Diagnostics OpenShell & PassThrue & Kit & VCI Patcher Premium Edition 5.7


The contributor is @ Glintweb (member of

He offers paid Patcher 5.7 and his support, aiming to help the user to install Full XENTRY Diagnostics from Version 2015 to Last version (12/2019)

Tested working source of XENTRY 09/2019:

SSD version: 09/2019 Xentry DAS Software 256G

incl. HHT-WIN, Latest V8.14 DTS Monaco & Vediamo


HDD version: 09/2019 Xentry DAS Software 256G

With V8.14 DTS Monaco, HHT-WIN & Vediamo


Both are compatible with the best Benz diagnostic tools: MB SD C4 Plus & Benz ecom.


What is MB SD C4 Plus?

It is the best sdconnect C4 2019.

Look at this image which conclude all its unique features also its internal board:

Sdconnect C4 Plus 00


No tested working XENTRY 12/2019?

No, is testing, soon it will be okay and available.

Please wait several days.


Here attach 4 images of XENTRY 12/2019 software:

Xentry 2019 12 01

Xentry 2019 12 02 Xentry 2019 12 03 Xentry 2019 12 04