MB SDconnect C4 work on 2005 W203 coupe – 2010 W221 S500

My cars 2005 W203 coupe – 2010 W221 S500

I recently bought a MB SDconnect C4 bundle with Dell D630 laptop hdd.

It’s my first time use SDconnect, so I would like to share my experience.

Arrived through the online site
http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/wholesale/mb-sd-connect-compact-4-star-diagnosis-hdd-d.html – So far the support and the shipping has been very quickly – The function of the MUX (The C4) or the software is also working fine.

First thing – Get your Dell 630 ready before the package from China arrives I was waiting a week for my D630 and power supply.

Coming from a IT electrical engineering background first thing I do on arrival is take it apart – Looks fairly well made. No obvious defects –

On to the function – I plugged it into the OBD2 – Boots software start wifi etc. looks good. The units from China all seem to have no batteries However the battery holder is present within the unit (6 x AA)
Checking with the seller from China I’m told DO NOT use batteries it will damage the MUX – So on use I get a insert battery message after some minutes does not seem to be an issue.

The MUX and software on the Dell D630 uses a cat 5 cable out of the box – No attempts to use the built in wifi yet.

The supplied HD has DAS with developer keys all setup – Also Xentry however the Xentry login complains about a missing key – Chinese seller is going to resolve I’m told shortly. Both my cars are DAS anyway so I’m not so concerned. Vedimo and Xentry can wait till my W222 upgrade

The W221 on DAS plugin and quick test is very interesting *lots* of systems on a fully loaded w221. All past faults list.

the seller’s video demo may be helpful to those first-time users.
MB SD connect C4 software activate (D630 hdd can directly activate):

MB SD Connect Compact 4 Wifi settings:

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