How to use Benz star Platinum Edition to reset SBC

Platinum Edition Benz STAR software is newly released on 2015. It has the ordinary HDD and SSD version to choose. Not only for diagnose, it also adds many special function. Also support online update.

How to use Benz star Platinum Edition to reset SBC?

when you choose SBC system, it will have an option, SBC RESET, after you enter this option, you will see special function, enter this and it will ask for the password, for this password, just fill anything you like, then click next step, then click ok, then follow the prompt to do next.

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Here is the second method:

It started like most of them…….
As a request !!
So,it was a combination , of a faulty SBC ,common sence , LOTS of time and GUTS to figure this out
Make sure engine is running !!!
In Developer mode you need to go to Developing data -> drives -> Total list of all activations
to see how many times brake has been pressed there is a line that says: Brakes payers (DJ_GetBrLive) or DJ_GetBrLiveTime
then 1 line down there you see Update brakes payer and life counter F recalculate -> click it!
Parameter uINBR = 0
then click F3
1 line down Brakes payers set to any value (DJ Set Br) -> click it
Parameter uINBR = 0
then click F3
then scroll down untill you see the line’s :
Life counter F recalculate (DJ_CalcLiveTime)
Parameter uINBR = 0
then click F3
Life counter F Recalculate and write (DJ_BuildAndWriteF)
Parameter uINBR = 0
then click F3
Log out of SBC !!
log out of verhicle !!
let engine run at least 10 minutes or drive at least 10 minutes
If no coils are damaged , SBC fault code is not AKTUEL nomore
(Dj_setNBr) Here you SET new brake counter value back to 0
(Dj_setNBr) uINBR = 0
Resetting break counter to zero is in my opinion , not messing with …..
each time SBC powers up it checks itself time after time
If there occures any problem in SBC unit with valve,brushes or whatever , it will go into error anyway. that you will NOT be able to erase in Dev mode
If you switch on contact of Brand new MB with SBC and press break 300.000 times it will go into this so called “error” you wanna say SBC is broken then ? without driving a milimeter ?
No it’s indication to have SBC unit checked by MB workshop $$
Yes it’s true that MB has to replace Faulty SBC units for free
since Factory will pay all there labor & material
But most Dealers try to have costumer pay for this procedure claiming costumers car has no a Dealer serviced History

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