How to solve MB STAR Xentry activation data cannot save

I can activate the MB STAR SD COMPACT CONNECT 4 software when i get it. After i use it for some days, i change the hdd of my PC and use another HDD for other software. Today i use this SD HDD back to my PC again. I try to activate it again, when i activate XENTRY, i cannot save the data, it gives me prompt like this:
Save not successfully.
LicSaveLicense XENTRY Diagnostics. 12-store operation tried to save a startkey which is older than a existing startkey with same application ID. Possiblity of using fake old startkey with higher permissions.


1) Please go to this path: C.Documents and settings/all users/application data/licdir, and delete lic_key_2.dat
2) Then to back to xentry activation window. And input the activation data again, click save. Then you can save the data successfully.
3) Go back to the patch again. copy lic_key_2.dat and paste to this folder. Then change the name copy of lic_key_2.dat to lic_key_2.x4711


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