How to update AK500+ Key Programmer hardware

AK500+ Key Programmer with EIS SKC Calculator for Mercedes Benz can read data more quickly and safely, can read and write keys more quicky, and AK500+ is more stable for the functions with key programming and SKC Calculator.

AK500+ hardware instruction:
A: HC705E6/HC711/HC908/HC912/HC9S12/MPC and so on read and write connection port
B: ESL/K-line/CANBUS connection port
C:Benz Infrared keys NEC chip Adapter Holder
D: HC705 chip Adapter Holder
E: EEPROM adapter socket
F: EEPROM Welded plate
G: Benz Infrared keys read and write Jack
H: AK500 power port
I : AK500 USB port
J: AK500 Power switch
Hardware update instruction:
1 Enter the software by “Firmware update”. Use “Read ID” to read out the serial number and “Save ID”. Save it as the “TXT” format. And send it to the factory or your seller. (Photo 11)
2 Open “Update”, and download the software package sent by your seller or factory to AK500.
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video of Mercedes Benz AK500+ Key Programmer with EIS SKC Calculator

Benz AK500+ Key Programmer Software

How to install software for Benz AK500+ Key Programmer

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