How to bonded G decoder CLONER BOX to CN900 key programmer

G decoder CLONER BOX works together with CN900 key programmer to copy 4G chips.

How to bonded G cloner box to CN900 key programmer:

1) Go to official website to download the update tool.

2) Connect G box with CN900, connect CN900 with your PC.

3) Open update tool, choose 72G box, then it will recognize the serial number automatically. Please check and confirm the serial number shown on the software and your G box. After confirmed, then click “+register”


4) if the under number show the exactly same as the upper number. then it means you register successfully.


Or you can click “Search 72G-BOX” to check and confirm the number. If number are the same, then this G box is successfully bonded with CN900 key programmer.

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