Buy Xtool EZ300 4 system or Xtool EZ400 FULL systems

Xtool EZ400 and EZ300 diagnosis scan tool, made by Xtool tech Company, are multi-touch screen for major car brands. What is their similarities and difference? Please go on reading following parts.

Xtool EZ400 and Xtool EZ300 similarities:
Screen: 7 inch multi-touch screen
Update: One-click update via WIFI for free
Memory Memory: 1GB RAM, 16GB Flash, support 32GB extension SD card
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 100 Meters
Built-in: On-board battery
Operating system: Android 4.4.4
Live data: Accurate live data in both Wave and Dashboard form
Vehicle coverage: Most US, Asian and European OBDII vehicle makes since 1996
Warranty: 2 years

Xtool EZ400 and Xtool EZ300 Difference:

Item Name Xtool EZ400 Xtool EZ300
Outlook  Xtool EZ400  Xtool EZ300
Compatible systems FULL systems engine,ABS,SRS,

transmission,TPMS and Oil Light Reset

Diagnostic Function Read fault codes,clear fault codes,live data,actuation(Diagnosis reports in PDF file) read fault codes,clear fault codes,live data(Diagnosis

reports in PDF file)

Special function ABS bleeding,service light reset,DPF regeneration,steering angle calibration,battery reset,throttle body adaptation,Service light reset,Throttle Sensor Adjustment NO special functions
Price €747.70 €339

Xtool EZ400 detailed Function and workable car models at:

Xtool EZ300 detailed Function and workable car models at: