New arrival OEM Orange5 V1.34 Programming Device in obd2express

OEM Orange5 V1.34 professional programming tool is newly released at
Orange 5 a professional progamming device for memory and microcontrollers,support for many softwares.Its unique feature is built-in macro language for writing down protocols, which gives fast and easy capability to add new types of micro schemes, precisely meeting manufacturers’ requirements to read/write algorithms.

Software version: V1.34, software not support update.

Additional Supported Software:
Immo HPX 9V0

Software Licenses:
MTRK (Included in Orange-5 base)
TMS (Included in Orange-5 base)

Top 13 Reasons to Choose OEM Orange5:
1.Supports any COM ports, incuding virtual ones from 1 to 20
2.Works with text (ASCII) and HEX mode
3.Creating a list of commands that allows editing and fast sending
4.Fine-tuning the exchange rate
5.Saving files including command and port settings.
6.Saving incoming data in binary files
7.File transfer via serial port.
8.Delay settings for bytes and blocks
9.”Echo” mode
10.Delay settings between incoming data
11.Managment of DTR, RTS chains, visualising DSR, CTS, CD, RI
12.Program doesn’t need to be installed
13.Supports Orange5 programmer in emulation mode.

OEM Orange 5 supported car list:

Package includes(including full set of adapter):
Orange-5 programmer                    1
Power adapter                                1
USBcable                                        1
Incircuit wire                                   10
SOIC8/DIP8 Expert adapter             1
SOIC8/DIP8 adapter                        1
SOIC8_14_93Cxx adapter               1
SSOP8/DIP8                                    1
Lead with clips SOIC8 & DIP8            1
Adapter 05L28/05B                          1
Adapter 908AS60/AZ60 QFP64         1
Adapter 68HC(7)05P3/E6                 1
Adapter 05B/X_705B/X QFP64 V2    1
Adapter 11PA8/11E9 QFP64             1
Adapter 68HC05H12                         1
Adapter 68HC11EA9                          1
Adapter 908AS60                              1
Adapter 9S12Dxx                              1
Adapter 912Dxx                                1
Adapter 9S12X                                  1
Adapter 912B32 QFP80                     1
Adapter 68HC11F1                            1
Adapter 68HC11L6                            1
Adapter 68HC11KA4                          1
Lead 11E9(20) with power                 1
Lead for EWS3 mask 0D46J               1
Adapter TMS374C003A                      1
Adapter MSP430F                              1
Adapter 68HC11KA4 PLCC68             1
Adapter 908JL                                   1
Adapter PCF7941                              1
Adapter 9S12XE                                1